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OMAK POS 360 – Essentials ( $45)


  Recipe Management

Leverage the innovative method to balance inventory through automating the deduction of stocks based on consumption.


  Supplier Management

Manage suppliers and inventory by streamlining PO and GRN processes providing easy access to storekeepers/ chefs to request stocks, and keep track of purchases online. Set approval limits for POs and GRNs, establishing a solid foundation for the management to oversee the entire inventory management process.


  Physical Stock Entry

Identify over/less use of stock or pilferages via analyzing variances between system inventory, and physical inventory entered into the system during stock takes.


  Wastage Management

Track the entire process and derive in-depth data to implement effective strategies to minimize future wastages.


  Report Generation

Generate multiple reports for smarter decision making, including recipe cost details, stock variances, stock valuations, and profit margin, etc


Categorized as a key feature, the Customer Management Terminal (CMT) product is a comprehensive integrated solution that provides in-depth data to increase sales and manage the overall operation of a food service business successfully. Hosted on Azure servers the product delivers indexing for quick entry and role-based account access, in addition to minimizing inefficiency, costs, and mismanagement.


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