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Inventory Management ($25)


  Recipe Management

OMAK POS’s recipe management helps restaurants to keep track of their inventory by automatically deducting stocks based on their consumption.


  Supplier Management

This helps you manage your suppliers and inventory by streamlining your PO, GRN processes. It makes it easy for your storekeeper/chef to request stocks and keep track of their purchases online. You can also set approval levels for POs and GRN, helping your management to keep an eye on the overall inventory operations.


  Physical Stock Entry

It’s easy to identify over/less use of stock or pilferages by checking the variance between system quantity and the quantity entered into the system when taking stock count.


  Wastage Management

Record and keep track of all your wastages.


  Report Generation

Generate multiple report types online including recipe cost details, stock variance, stock valuation, profit margin, etc


OMAK’s Inventory Management comes with a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage, monitor and control all aspects of your restaurant’s inventory. Unlike other inventory management solutions, OMAK’s Inventory Management was built from the ground-up with restaurants in mind. Everything about this module is designed to eliminate pain points and maintain efficient restaurant operations.


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