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OMAK POS 360 – Lite ($30)


  Centralized Call Centre Software

OMAK’s Enterprise call centre shares all customer data with all outlets in real-time, allowing your staff to respond to a constantly changing customer base.


  Loyalty Management

OMAK Enterprise call centre allows you to monitor customer loyalty information and manage programs on a highly customizable and personable basis.


  Muti-Number Call ID

Our restaurant call center solution allows for multiple customers to be allocated to one phone number, while still preserving individual customer data and preferences.


  Customer Information

Our module preserves all customer statistics and order history for highly targeted marketing campaigns and promotions.


  Manage Multiple Outlets

OMAK’s Enterprise call centre allows you to manage and collect data from all your call centres and share them with each other


OMAK’s Enterprise Call Centre is a brand new feature that integrates all your call centers into one central location, allowing you to monitor, share and manage all customer data. The Enterprise Call Centre’s power comes from its ability to automatically integrate all outlets with customer data into one shared system. This will drastically improve the calls to transactions ratio, centralize management and allow for highly targeted customer service.


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