Online Ordering System

USD $35.00

Shopping Cart

Place all your orders in an easy-to-use, editable shopping cart through the online food ordering system.


Fully Customizable Menus

Our menus allow patrons to see and modify their orders, down the ingredients, that then reflect in pricing.


Outlet-Based Ordering

OMAK’s online order platform let customers choose the location most convenient for them.



Utilize our Online Ordering API’s to funnel in sales from a variety of portals


OMAK Online Ordering is an intuitively designed solution that fully integrates with OMAK POS 360. Online Ordering has everything expected from a modern POS; including a shopping cart and online payment. Online ordering can also integrate with multiple web portals, letting your customers place orders from whatever platform they are on, allowing you to draw in traffic from multiple sources and
improve your online presence.